Friday, 16 November 2012


So on monday I'm starting a detox of water, lemon and honey. I'm having three glasses a day and then just plain water. I shall be doing this for 2 week and I'm hoping that it will kick start my weight loss again. Just hoping that I can manage 2 weeks with no binging as at the moment I just can't stop. So I want to lose 10 pounds on this. Once I'm finished I will just eat fruit and vegetables for a while and see how that goes. I just don't want to be fat for christmas.

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  1. Detoxing is good for your body Hannah, but be careful to give your body enough vitamins & nutrients to sustain your efforts. It's awesome to look toned for christmas, but not from a hospital bed. I think if you limit your detox to 1 week max, you'll be much more happy with your results. If you cut your calories too much, your body will sense it and stop burning as many. As a result, too little calories = too little weight loss. Don't worry, I'll help you lose weight, but in a better way. okay? (: