Thursday, 8 November 2012

Thank you

Thank you everyone thats commented, means a lot to me. I appreciate that you all care I am trying to keep myself busy so i don't cut. I work most nights or go to dance so it's quite easy. Nothing much has really happened since last time. Just trying to get through life day by day.

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  1. that's all you should do right now, live life day by day. Don't try to change your body overnight. You didn't get to where you are in a month or two, and you surely won't be where you want to be that soon either. It's good you keep yourself busy, it will pass the time. Try and get some sleep also, to escape the pain and get the rest your body really needs. What style(s) of dance do you like to do? I'd really like to see some pics of your practice or perfornmances. Keep writing, Hannah, and let me know if there's anything you want to chat about. (: