Friday, 21 December 2012

I know i'm crap at this

So sorry everyone, i've been so busy, working and school. And to be honest not much has been going in my life. It's just the same thing every day. But anyway these are the few things that are happening:
 Today at school it was the last day so we got to dress up, i dressed up like santa, and i decided to wear heeled boots to try look taller and to make me legs look thinner. This kind of worked but they still looked huge. However I fell over twice which was embarrassing especially in front of everyone in from school. Now not looking forward to go back in January. I just hope everyone that saw forgets.
 Also at school we were all giving presents to each other, and now I have so much chocolate which is not good because now i'm just going to eat it all. And I don't want to gain any weight. I know I won't lose for a while as it's christmas which unfortunately means lots of food but I'm trying to gain at least. So I'll let you know how that goes.
 It was also meant to be the end of the world today so well done to everyone who survived that. Haha, i'm glad that didn't happen.
 It's also a friends birthday tonight, so we're going out for a meal, just going to try go for something which I think has the least calories. But hopefully it'll be a good night. We are just saying over and having a girly night afterwards.
 But that's about it, not much is really going on in my life. I don't know if i will be on again before christmas. So I hope everyone has a good christmas and gets everything they want.

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