Tuesday, 25 December 2012

The worst and best parts for christmas

Lets start with positive seen as it's christmas and we show all be happy. So good things:

  • Presents, everyone loves getting presents 
  • Seeing family, I love seeing some of my family some not so much
  • Having a laugh, once the parents have had a few drinks its always funny to watch them
So now not the so good bits, I mean most people would still love christmas for some of theses reasons but I don't:

  • The food, I mean most people love christmas dinner but I just can't enjoy it thinking about all the calories. And there is all the chocolate and stuff like that
  • Arguments sometimes at home we have arguments even on christmas which I hate but started to get used too
One other thing is that I really wish it would snow, I love the snow. And I got lots of presents and I'm happy with all of them. Got lots of makeup and clothes. As well I got a phone. So what did everyone else get? And I wish you all a merry christmas. And I hope you all have a really good day :)

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad your focusing on the happy parts of Christmas. What kind of makeup and clothes did you get? What's your fav clothing & makeup designers?
    I got several sporting good gift cards & an electronics store gift card. do you think I should get a new .mp3 player or music? what kind do you like best?
    Thanks, I enjoyed today lots! I hope you did as well, and have very sweet dreams tonight. (hugs)