Friday, 14 December 2012

University application and parties

So my university application went off today finally!! Now just can't wait until I go next year, so bored of 6th form and being at home. I'm just looking forward to being independent.
 So anyway now i'm just excited for christmas and all i seem to be doing now is going to parties on a weekend now. I have one tonight and one next weekend. I love going to parties but i'm worried about my body and how i look. I just wish I had a better body. But I can't do anything about it now. I just have to enjoy.
 So today at school anyway in psychology we were talking about different mental disorders and everyone was shocked about how much I knew about eating disorders and depression so I wish I'd just kept quiet now. Even my teacher was shocked. So it got quite awkward and people were asking how I knew all of it. And all I said was that 'I just did'. There wasn't really much else I could say.
 I've also started dieting with my friend. She just wants to tone up really but i'm desperate to lose all this weight. Does anyone have any ideas of the best diets that help you lose fast, I really need the help. I'm sick of looking like this, don't want to be fat anymore.

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  1. How was your first party last Friday, Hannah? I hope you met some nice friends & had a good time. Christmas isn't a time to worry about your diet, but rather a time to be thankful for all the good things in life, and all the true friends who never turn their back on you, no matter what. If you wonder who they might be, one of them is writing this post. ;)
    Yes, eating disorders & depression is something most people know either nothing about, or are very wrong in how they understand them. Your reply was brilliant, was the same one I would have used. Your dieting idea is a good one if you need to tone up, and your friend is lucky to have you for support. If you'd like me to help her as well, let me know her link. Is she one of your website followers?
    Honestly, the best diet is one you can sustain over an extended time. Quick diets with huge weight loss fast usually fail due only losing water weight. If you're seriously interested in a safe, good diet, message me. I'll get some more info from you, and help you achieve your goals. Until I hear from you, there's a few things you want to keep in mind.
    Drink lots of water, which will not only fill you up, but also help you burn calories. Eat most of your food before 2pm, and exercise moderately (3-4 times/week). Too much exercise without enough food intake will not only "crash" your body, but your internal organs (heart/liver/kidneys/etc) as well. Above all, eat at least 1200 cals/day. If you eat below this (as you've been doing), your body will cut back how much it's burning in order to protect your heart. That's why you haven't been losing much weight. The less you eat, the less your body knows it has to burn, and the less fat will disappear. Finally, you need carbs. Hannah, this is critical. Not enough carbs means not enough energy, which means you cant exercise long at all, which means you won't lose weight. Finally, too little calcium means brittle bones, which means very likely fracturing your bones the harder you exercise. I would like you to stay with me over the holidays. Please talk to me about your diet, so we can both smile as we see your body become even prettier than it already is. ;)