Saturday, 29 December 2012

So I have changed my mind

 I was going to start ABC but it hasn't been working fast enough, so from today I'm fasting. I don't know how long for. It should only be for a few days but i'm hoping it will just get me started. But I'm not going to do it for long as I have exams coming up soon so I don't want to be faint for that. So three days maximum I think.
 Not much has been going on the last few days I've been shopping twice. Once with my friend and her sister and once with my mum. With my friend it was a really good day we went to a big shopping centre and she has an eating disorder so I didn't really have to worry about food then. However I felt so embarrassed because she is tiny and I looked so huge compared to her and I just wished I was as thin as her. One day I will get there. I have a look way to go though.
 Yesterday I went with my mum and it was good but we have a lot of difference in what is nice and what isn't. We also needed to sort a new phone out for me as my contract has ran out. So I am now an owner of an Iphone 5 and it is a lot better than my blackberry. So I'm happy about that.
 I'm not doing anything today either I don't think. Just going to do some exercise and then I have work later. So that's just another boring day.
 I'll let you know if something exciting happens.

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