Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Sales shopping

So tomorrow, me and my friend are going sales shopping. I'm excited because I love shopping, but she is tiny and so thin and she is going to be getting such smaller sizes than me. So hopefully it will be a good day just hoping it goes well and that there is plenty of good items in the sales.
 Today is so boring, I haven't really done anything and I don't plan on doing anything all day as there isn't much to do. I usually go to see family on boxing day but I'm not this year. So if anyone has any good ideas of things to do then please tell me haha.
 I have exams when I go back to school in January and I still haven't started revising yet so maybe thats a good thing to start doing today but I'm not feeling it, too much effort and I'm still tired from yesterday. But that will be something I need to start at the weekend.

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